Letter XI

The birth of Moses is very similar to the birth of Christ.  In both cases hundreds and maybe thousands of male children who might be him were killed.  Unborn children and women were killed or sacrificed so that His spirit might not have a body to be born in or  a woman to bear him. 

The births of the Spirit of man and of woman are indeed important, but from Heaven does the power come to Judge the earth.  

Every birth of every angel is a soul of great price redeemed by the sacrifice of Christ who gave his life that men and their kind might not perish but have everlasting life. 

Failure in one life does not mean eternal failure, but your personal future and your past will always be concealed from your eyes unless God’s Holy Spirit blesses you with knowledge of your past but only of will help you, teach you a lesson and not hurt you.   

What common men and people have done in their past is no longer a concern.  What their future will we be is decided second by second with each action they commit to their personal futures. 

Sometimes the souls of angels perish in the Judgement of God when they conspire plan evil and are brought to justice.  Sometimes we have to bring the sames kinds of people to justice. 

Be sure to learn of the good ways of God so you might enjoy your lives to the fullest extent.    

Every birth is a new life for an angel, a chance to build upon your resume of lives that you have lived.  

Your past lives are revealed to you in heaven where books record every second of your existence.  This is knowledge forbidden to you on the earth, where you must concentrate on each minute you live in your current life to do good unto yourself and to others.    

Live in the present.  Set goals for your life.  Pray with anticipation and hope of a better life.  

Every soul is born again and unknown to us are the total of men and people who have worked to destroy their souls and the bodies and minds and souls and bodies of others. 

Unknown to us are men who by their own will and choice descended into hell from which there is no escape.   So don’t choose hell.  Repent! And always live as a good person.  

With love