Letter VI

Do no look upon the beauty and countenance of each other to decide how you will serve others or depend on looks for approval from others for looks can be deceiving and people can be cruel if one is not beautiful. 

Be kind to the less fortunate and always help the person who comes to you for help nomatter their looks.   

Make sure to pray from your heart, even if it is the rosary for God looks at the heart of the person who prays. 

Our feelings and emotions matter to God and so do our problems.  Make sure to always keep any problem you have in your prayerful heart until God’s Holy Spirit gives you a solution and takes away your sorrow.  

Honor God’s Holy Spirit above all things and above all men. 

Make sure not to anger men or make men to wrath.  Man is capable of great good and also great harm.  

Depart from violent men and people of violence and never forsake those who love you and always ask for guidance in prayer to God’s Holy Spirit.

Never fear those who pray in Jesus name and remember that Jesus, Moses and Mohammad et al. are the same soul.  The spirit of man. 

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one of purpose and one of mind in the Spirit of Man wherever he is born again. 

With love

” what is say?  ….will you read it to me JC? ”  ok wee bitty