Letter XII

At the beginning of my life while still a very young man I took long walks with my grandfather who I was named after. I do not remember anyone else because I so small.

My grandfather and my grandmother played a very large role in the first four years of my life.

There is nothing more important to God’s Holy Spirit than to see that we raise our children and even grandchildren in a correct manner.

What few people do not see is that as we live, grow and work together and because of this we should not lie to each other.  

What we do today is nothing new.  We have been taking care of each other now for thousands of years and lies stop many better things from happening in our lives.    

We have been together  a long time. 

We are one large family dispersed around the world re-learning how to be humans in different parts of the world in each one of our lifetimes.   

Though family life might not always be perfect, life is about trying and not giving up. 

Ideal families are great but we have to make our ideal family and help people without families who need love and support.

You are the angels of heaven.  You are the children of God’s Holy Spirit who works hard at making sure that every time you are born again that there is a perfect place in the world just for you.

There are many people displaced around the world and there are some of you who do not know your parents.

Sometimes not all of us have a chance to know the man or woman who were responsible for bringing us into this earth and it is not our fault. 

Remember that you always have a loving Father in Heaven who is ultimately responsible for you and in that you should take comfort.  

Regardless how things turned out in our lives, we still have a responsibility to take care of each other.   

And if we bring children into this world regardless of how our lives work out we have to make sure that we do our best to prepare those children to become adults.

You should have people in your life who love you and if you do not you always have God who cares for you. 

But look for God always in the spirit for it is there where you will find  him.  In God’s Holy Spirit you will find all hope for your life as people can sometimes let you down.

Loving your children and loving each other is the most important thing.

Money, career and school and the desires of your hearts all seem to work out when you try your best to raise your children and to get along with others while also developing your spiritual life.

Having good relationships with people will always be the way to help ourselves in life.

If you need anything pray to the Holy Spirit. God is always here to help you. All you have to do is ask. 

Have a blessed evening. 

With love

” what does it say?  ….will you read it to me JC? ”  ok wee bitty