Letter XIV

I think about my life and knowing the resolve and nature of aggression that existed even when I was child, it is a miracle that the world is not run over.

Around the world people live, hope and wait for the end of the Judgment.

The power that judges the earth never stops and I take comfort in this.

The power to judge this earth is present continually and whether I sleep or am awake, it works inside of me as it does outside of me and outside the boundaries of normal understanding.

The power that judges this earth is more vast than the Universes and the Galaxies which it has created. I ponder a basic Galaxy and it is a Universe unto itself and one will takes us billions of lifetimes to fully explore, study and understand.   But doing so will bring us closer to God who will take us forever to know.   

I look upon myself and I imagine myself as an ordinary person.  I was raised like an ordinary person, to be able to communicate the whole of my reign with the world on a level that is committed to equality and making sure that matters of goodness, fairness and equality supercede all things.

You have no Idea the kind of love that exists that looks upon everyday people in everyday life doing everyday things and making a big deal every day out of normal life.  Thats our Holy Spirit who counts every hair on your head every day and knows more about you than you do about yourself.  So it is good to be in touch. 

With great contentment I feel with the love of the Holy Spirit and I see with the eyes of God the importance of people the souls of the angels of heaven who live and who die on this earth like explorers who cannot get enough of their beloved planet.

I see a waitress serving people and I am thankful for her existence. I see man struggling at life for lack of opportunities and I pray and ask God to help me to better help men and women like these who struggle.  

There is little mystery to the way’s of God’s Holy Spirit. Just imagine yourself having the money and power to help the earth. Of course because you are a good person you would help everyone and do everything the Holy Spirit would do to ensure equality.

The quality of goodness inside billions of people on the earth is one that I am counting on again and after I die it is important that you continue to invest in each other to keep alive the Holy Spirit’s legacy, goals and plans of equality for everyone.   

I am so happy for the earth for I know that its problems will not long last.


” Let me see. Does it say something nice?”