Letter XV

I can remember when as a young man, I experienced a friend hurting my feelings.  After many years of friendship without reason and without cause he struck me.  A trained fighter and martial artist I absorbed the blow and did not hit my friend of many years back, but I did depart from him.   We had been friends for more than ten years at the time and grew up playing sports together.  Later, I had forgiven him and we became friends again. I do not believe in fighting friends or fighting with members of my team.  Fighting with any team member is bad for the team and it’s just not good karma.    

I think about the hurt that others have experienced in life and I look upon the world now and I also look to God’s Holy Spirit who many of us have hurt with our actions.  But instead of striking back at us, the Holy absorbs the blows of the people of the occult waiting for a day that these fallen angels are open to the corrective measures and the ministering of God’s Holy Spirit even if it comes by their judgment.       

The angels of heaven are well accustomed to the Judgment of God, but some can be very prideful and arrogant.  

 Every day I work, I pray for forgiveness and live humbly before God’s Holy Spirit praying that I never lose perspective.   

Imagine yourselves doing the same and it will be so.

If I have said it once, I have written it a thousand times that you are the Angels of heaven.  At any time in your lives and every day if you wish you can pray and be ministered to by the Holy Spirit.     Churches, temples and places of worship are open with great frequency, but the Holy Spirit never closes and from anywhere in this world, you can pray.  The earth is your home and your haven and on it you will be born again.  

In every good religion, God’s Holy Spirit has made a place for you, a house, a temple where you can find and maintain your spiritual balance.    Your souls are a ministry to the Holy Spirit who can move inside any number of people from different religions and different faiths to try to catch your attention, even through me.  But I espouse raw faith in the Holy Spirit and prayer from your heart is always best. 

The Holy Spirit is all that you love that is good and involved in other good things as well such as  education, health literacy, good government and many good things.  The goodness of God’s Holy spirit is what drives the goodness in you. 

Before the Holy Spirit  I advise repentance.  If I have to repent, then no one is beyond repentance.  I need to experience the same things you do so when I repent from my sins, I can help you as well repent from yours.       

We have many, many hurt people around the world. The Holy Spirit knows how you have been hurt and works to help you.  But if you don’t want the Holy Spirit in your life,  the Holy Spirit will not bother you.  But like a good father or mother, the Holy Spirit will still be there waiting for you when you are ready.    

Death ignores all atheism and resets your soul and you get a new chance at life. 

Making our world perfect is important.  So wherever we are born again, we can be educated and have the same opportunities and continue to evolve spiritually.   

Around the world the angels living in human bodies, hope and wait for the end of the Judgment of God.  Like children those souls who are aware of the judgment, wait anxiously for writing about the judgment each passing day never knowing what is going to happen next.   If you pray every day, you can reduce your anxiety. Rest is also good. 

Then there are the uniformed, uninitiated and uncaring of today’s judgment.  A time of reckoning comes for everyone.  

Today there are still many drones, people  controlled by the Donald Trump news and information conspiracy.  When it finally gets taken down in your part of the world, I suggest you speak to someone who is expert in our ministry at the world crown and who can help to guide you in your healing and so you can join us in Advent.   During Advent, religion, government, education,  music, dance, film and the arts become a very interesting place.  During advent things get corrected and the Holy Spirit ministers to us through each other and seperately as individuals.   It is a time to get back in touch.  It is a state of faith that some people live their whole lives in and these days are a reward for them.  Advent is also about all of us working together and getting things done around the world. Advent is about helping each other find a spiritual home.   

All groups of people be they our friends, family, work, school, sports, church or community are special places in which – jpwe live out our existence.   Groups are dynamic places and are essentially spiritual abodes and some are healthier than others, but even though we can outgrow our groups or become incompatible with our groups, we should always endeavor to help each other. 

During advent the angels of heaven will write great new books and create beautiful and memorable works of art.  Around the world new paintings and sculptures will bless us.  

 You are the angels of heaven. The earth is your home and your haven and on it you will be born again.  

You are the children of God’s Holy Spirit are today faced with the challenge of picking up the pieces of today’s news and political conspiracy and it is different in each country.   We remain in a state of judgment around the world and in Advent.  Today is the last day of passover.  You are the good angels of heaven and great things you will do and accomplish working together.  

” I can save anybody who wants to be saved.” says wee-bitty bunny

Jose Maria Chavira M.S.