A website’s pages can be so impersonable.  I was born May 13, 1964 in Guadalajara Jalisco and given the name Jose Maria.  My mother Mercedes Chavira Vazquez Goyaz Hernandez told me several times about my real father who would write her letters from Palacio Lecumberri  in Mexico City.  She took a friend with her when she went to visit him, but she was not allowed to see him. Eventually she lost all contact with him and another man from the PRI party who would become very successful was chosen in a small conspiracy to make me think he was my father.   My mother eventually told me the truth. 

At the age of four I left to join my mother who went ahead of me to California where I was raised and educated.  Aside from Theology, Psychology, Physiology, Science, Statistics  and many educational disciplines, I know the trades.  My stepfather, an electrician, plumber and licensed general contractor saw to it to marry with my mother in 1980.  I pray God’s Holy Spirit allows me to care for them in their old age without today’s problems, difficulties and distractions.   I have won many awards and trophies in business, education and sports. 

My life was a big secret and a lot of information was also kept from me until the 90s.  The US government and even organize crime knew who my father was and both parties broke protocols in the 90s to tell me more about myself through sometimes awkward communication.    This was offset by God’s Holy Spirit who when the time was right took over my life something no one wanted or expected. 

Even after disclosure was made to me it took lots of prayer, lots of testing and lots of psychology for me to feel comfortable.   

The constant and steady manifestation of God’s Holy Spirit in my life is perhaps my greatest assurance     I feel that anyone can have an active communicative relationship with God’s Holy Spirit like I do.   


Per Benditvs Espiritvs Sanctvs

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