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Letter XVII

Greetings and Hello:  The fact that we are still in judgment should tell you allot about the condition of the souls whom I struggle to warn with the hope of changing their lives.  

For you who are new to the World Crown I welcome you.   We have finally started developing JC Angelcraft Music.   

I like to make musical playlists for you with the music that I love,  grew up with or have to come to know.  Music, ballet, dance, the classical arts and theater arts, are a way to relax and to minister to ourselves.    

Life can be confining at times and so to discover our eternal natures, we must reach out to our mind where lives our soul.  We can connect to our eternal natures by reading and learning about world history.   

We can also connect to our eternal natures by traveling or listening to the music of other cultures.  

International theater also helps us to understand the different kinds of people that we are around the world.  China has long been distinct in their music and theater.  Around the world, we have embraced classical music.  

At YouTube, one of many arts providers,  you can experience the world through music, film, and the arts.  

In finding international entertainment at YouTube, It is important to know how to use language specific terms to search for the arts in other countries.  Use Google translator to generate the search terms you need at YouTube to find media from around the world.  You might even learn a new language in the process.  

 The arts are not always in English at YouTube, but you may discover some international media providers of the arts will have an English presentation. English speaking economies are still marketed to aggressively by the international community.  

In closing I offer you my peace.  I pray God’s Holy Spirit help you in all that you need.  It is important that we help each  other as well.


Letter XVI

Greetings and Merry Christmas: The decade of 2010-2019 – will be known as a decade where the Judgment of God helped to restore our world and save many lives and rescued us in many things. It will be known as a time when God helped to restore government and not so white supremacy, the occult, atheism or any militancy can continue to traffick in children, kill women, massacre humans make sacrifices to moloch and keep us fixed in the mass media news and information conspiracy, while they lie to us and pretend to be good nice people just to make money off us. If this were the case the Judgement of God would mean nothing. 

The Judgement of God now is set to take us into the next decade starting in 2020. Be safe, keep sober and vigilant always.  


Letter XV

I can remember when as a young man, I experienced a friend hurting my feelings.  After many years of friendship without reason and without cause he struck me.  A trained fighter and martial artist I absorbed the blow and did not hit my friend of many years back, but I did depart from him.   We had been friends for more than ten years at the time and grew up playing sports together.  Later, I had forgiven him and we became friends again. I do not believe in fighting friends or fighting with members of my team.  Fighting with any team member is bad for the team and it’s just not good karma.    

I think about the hurt that others have experienced in life and I look upon the world now and I also look to God’s Holy Spirit who many of us have hurt with our actions.  But instead of striking back at us, the Holy absorbs the blows of the people of the occult waiting for a day that these fallen angels are open to the corrective measures and the ministering of God’s Holy Spirit even if it comes by their judgment.       

The angels of heaven are well accustomed to the Judgment of God, but some can be very prideful and arrogant.  

 Every day I work, I pray for forgiveness and live humbly before God’s Holy Spirit praying that I never lose perspective.   

Imagine yourselves doing the same and it will be so.

If I have said it once, I have written it a thousand times that you are the Angels of heaven.  At any time in your lives and every day if you wish you can pray and be ministered to by the Holy Spirit.     Churches, temples and places of worship are open with great frequency, but the Holy Spirit never closes and from anywhere in this world, you can pray.  The earth is your home and your haven and on it you will be born again.  

In every good religion, God’s Holy Spirit has made a place for you, a house, a temple where you can find and maintain your spiritual balance.    Your souls are a ministry to the Holy Spirit who can move inside any number of people from different religions and different faiths to try to catch your attention, even through me.  But I espouse raw faith in the Holy Spirit and prayer from your heart is always best. 

The Holy Spirit is all that you love that is good and involved in other good things as well such as  education, health literacy, good government and many good things.  The goodness of God’s Holy spirit is what drives the goodness in you. 

Before the Holy Spirit  I advise repentance.  If I have to repent, then no one is beyond repentance.  I need to experience the same things you do so when I repent from my sins, I can help you as well repent from yours.       

We have many, many hurt people around the world. The Holy Spirit knows how you have been hurt and works to help you.  But if you don’t want the Holy Spirit in your life,  the Holy Spirit will not bother you.  But like a good father or mother, the Holy Spirit will still be there waiting for you when you are ready.    

Death ignores all atheism and resets your soul and you get a new chance at life. 

Making our world perfect is important.  So wherever we are born again, we can be educated and have the same opportunities and continue to evolve spiritually.   

Around the world the angels living in human bodies, hope and wait for the end of the Judgment of God.  Like children those souls who are aware of the judgment, wait anxiously for writing about the judgment each passing day never knowing what is going to happen next.   If you pray every day, you can reduce your anxiety. Rest is also good. 

Then there are the uniformed, uninitiated and uncaring of today’s judgment.  A time of reckoning comes for everyone.  

Today there are still many drones, people  controlled by the Donald Trump news and information conspiracy.  When it finally gets taken down in your part of the world, I suggest you speak to someone who is expert in our ministry at the world crown and who can help to guide you in your healing and so you can join us in Advent.   During Advent, religion, government, education,  music, dance, film and the arts become a very interesting place.  During advent things get corrected and the Holy Spirit ministers to us through each other and seperately as individuals.   It is a time to get back in touch.  It is a state of faith that some people live their whole lives in and these days are a reward for them.  Advent is also about all of us working together and getting things done around the world. Advent is about helping each other find a spiritual home.   

All groups of people be they our friends, family, work, school, sports, church or community are special places in which – jpwe live out our existence.   Groups are dynamic places and are essentially spiritual abodes and some are healthier than others, but even though we can outgrow our groups or become incompatible with our groups, we should always endeavor to help each other. 

During advent the angels of heaven will write great new books and create beautiful and memorable works of art.  Around the world new paintings and sculptures will bless us.  

 You are the angels of heaven. The earth is your home and your haven and on it you will be born again.  

You are the children of God’s Holy Spirit are today faced with the challenge of picking up the pieces of today’s news and political conspiracy and it is different in each country.   We remain in a state of judgment around the world and in Advent.  Today is the last day of passover.  You are the good angels of heaven and great things you will do and accomplish working together.  

” I can save anybody who wants to be saved.” says wee-bitty bunny

Jose Maria Chavira M.S.

Letter XIV

I think about my life.  The resolve and nature of today’s terrorist aggression existed even when I was child. It is a miracle of God’s Holy Spirit that the world is not run over.

Around the world people live, hope and wait for the end of the Judgment. It has been in effect now for 8 years. 

The power that judges the earth never stops. I take comfort in this.

The power to judge this earth is present continually and whether I sleep or am awake, it works inside of me as it does outside of me and outside the boundaries of normal understanding.

The power that judges this earth is more vast than the Universes and the Galaxies which it has created. I ponder a basic Galaxy and it is a Universe unto itself.  Just one Galaxy alone will takes us billions if not trillions of lifetimes to fully explore, study and understand even from a distance.   But doing so will bring us closer to God’s Holy Spirit who will take us forever to know.   

I look upon myself and I imagine myself as an ordinary person.  I was raised like an ordinary person, to be able to communicate the whole of my reign with the world on a level that is committed to equality and making sure that matters of goodness, fairness and equality supercede all things.

You have no Idea the kind of love that exists that looks upon everyday people in everyday life doing everyday things and making a big deal every day out of normal life.  Thats our Holy Spirit who counts every hair on your head every day and knows more about you than you do about yourself.  So it is good to be in touch with God’s Holy Spirit.  

With great contentment I feel with the love of the Holy Spirit and I see with the eyes of God the importance of people, the souls of the angels of heaven who live, who die and who are born again perpetually on this earth like explorers who cannot get enough of their beloved planet.

I see a waitress serving people and I am thankful for her existence.  The importance of every day people to God’s Holy Spirit transcends the feelings that normal people have and perceive about each other.  

I see man struggling at life for lack of opportunities and I pray and ask God to help me to better help men and women like these who struggle.  

There is little mystery to the ways of God’s Holy Spirit. Just imagine yourself having the money and power to help the earth. Of course because you are a good person you would help everyone and do everything the Holy Spirit would do to ensure equality.  But terrorist will fight you over this until they are fully defeated. 

The quality of goodness inside billions of people on the earth is one that I am counting on again and after I die it is important that you continue to invest in each other to keep alive the Holy Spirit’s legacy, goals and plans of equality for everyone.   

I am so happy for the earth for I know that its problems will not long last.


” Let me see. Does it say something nice?”

Letter XIII

I am happy to let everyone know that things are much better than they look.

There are things that are more important in life than news.

News is supposed to be a compliment to life and a reflection of the truth.  But today’s news by terrorists has no political truth to it.

News does not run world nor does it reflect the truth.

We have to control the news because the people who control the news are not very good people.

These are historical days that we should spend praying and with family.

I guarantee you you will be rid of terrorism and afterwards, we will have to work hard  to preserve what God’s Holy Spirit has blessed us with. 

Do not be slaves to terrorist information . You can be free right now.  Just do not read the news and you will be free. Live your life as if the news did not matter and you will be free. Ignore people who want to push their news and their lies on you and you will be free.

If you need anything pray to the Holy Spirit. God is always here to help you. All you have to do is ask. 

Have a blessed evening. 

With love

”  ….will you read it to me JC? ”  ok wee bitty


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 

Letter XII

At the beginning of my life while still a very young man I took long walks with my grandfather who I was named after. I do not remember anyone else because I so small.

My grandfather and my grandmother played a very large role in the first four years of my life.

There is nothing more important to God’s Holy Spirit than to see that we raise our children and even grandchildren in a correct manner.

What few people do not see is that as we live, grow and work together and because of this we should not lie to each other.  

What we do today is nothing new.  We have been taking care of each other now for thousands of years and lies stop many better things from happening in our lives.    

We have been together  a long time. 

We are one large family dispersed around the world re-learning how to be humans in different parts of the world in each one of our lifetimes.   

Though family life might not always be perfect, life is about trying and not giving up. 

Ideal families are great but we have to make our ideal family and help people without families who need love and support.

You are the angels of heaven.  You are the children of God’s Holy Spirit who works hard at making sure that every time you are born again that there is a perfect place in the world just for you.

There are many people displaced around the world and there are some of you who do not know your parents.

Sometimes not all of us have a chance to know the man or woman who were responsible for bringing us into this earth and it is not our fault. 

Remember that you always have a loving Father in Heaven who is ultimately responsible for you and in that you should take comfort.  

Regardless how things turned out in our lives, we still have a responsibility to take care of each other.   

And if we bring children into this world regardless of how our lives work out we have to make sure that we do our best to prepare those children to become adults.

You should have people in your life who love you and if you do not you always have God who cares for you. 

But look for God always in the spirit for it is there where you will find  him.  In God’s Holy Spirit you will find all hope for your life as people can sometimes let you down.

Loving your children and loving each other is the most important thing.

Money, career and school and the desires of your hearts all seem to work out when you try your best to raise your children and to get along with others while also developing your spiritual life.

Having good relationships with people will always be the way to help ourselves in life.

If you need anything pray to the Holy Spirit. God is always here to help you. All you have to do is ask. 

Have a blessed evening. 

With love

” what does it say?  ….will you read it to me JC? ”  ok wee bitty

Letter XI

The birth of Moses is very similar to the birth of Christ.  In both cases hundreds and maybe thousands of male children who might be him were killed.  Unborn children and women were killed or sacrificed so that His spirit might not have a body to be born in or  a woman to bear him. 

The births of the Spirit of man and of woman are indeed important, but from Heaven does the power come to Judge the earth.  

Every birth of every angel is a soul of great price redeemed by the sacrifice of Christ who gave his life that men and their kind might not perish but have everlasting life. 

Failure in one life does not mean eternal failure, but your personal future and your past will always be concealed from your eyes unless God’s Holy Spirit blesses you with knowledge of your past but only of will help you, teach you a lesson and not hurt you.   

What common men and people have done in their past is no longer a concern.  What their future will we be is decided second by second with each action they commit to their personal futures. 

Sometimes the souls of angels perish in the Judgement of God when they conspire plan evil and are brought to justice.  Sometimes we have to bring the sames kinds of people to justice. 

Be sure to learn of the good ways of God so you might enjoy your lives to the fullest extent.    

Every birth is a new life for an angel, a chance to build upon your resume of lives that you have lived.  

Your past lives are revealed to you in heaven where books record every second of your existence.  This is knowledge forbidden to you on the earth, where you must concentrate on each minute you live in your current life to do good unto yourself and to others.    

Live in the present.  Set goals for your life.  Pray with anticipation and hope of a better life.  

Every soul is born again and unknown to us are the total of men and people who have worked to destroy their souls and the bodies and minds and souls and bodies of others. 

Unknown to us are men who by their own will and choice descended into hell from which there is no escape.   So don’t choose hell.  Repent! And always live as a good person.  

With love

Letter X

Behold the Nations and the Glory of Nations. 

They come to nothing. 

But the Glory God’s Holy Spirit lasts forever.

The Judgment of God falls upon man in all his splender.

Behold the Holy Spirit who delivers the nations and is faithful and true to help us during times like today.  

Behold the judgment of God who brings down the pride and temples and alters of men to clear a path for the children of our precious tender Holy Spirit. 

You are witnesses to a great judgment of God. 

Make sure your children, and your children’s children learn of it and keep it in your history as a promise from God that upon his every return, he will deal with your enemies.  

God will give you justice.         

With love

” what is say?  ….will you read it to me JC? ”  ok wee bitty






Letter IX

Be careful of men and their plans and never plan to do evil to others for this is the way of Idol worshippers. 

Be careful of the enchantments of men who posses only a desire for wealth and for other men, for this too is the way and path of the occult.   

Be loving and accepting of all people but from the wicked depart from them and make no plans with them. 

Pray always that God’s Holy Spirit keep a clear path for you and children away from enticements of false men and their slaves.   

With love

” what is say?  ….will you read it to me JC? ”  ok wee bitty






Letter VIII

Forsake not the widow and minister to the prisoner.    

God’s Holy Spirit looks upon the souls and the hearts of men and women who have been slaves in a world filled with the practice of the occult. 

The occult and its practice are dedicated to slavery in many ways.  Depart from the occult and the practices of the occult.

Each man or women in Prison is a harvest and worthy to be ministered to while they sit in punishment in a prison a form of grace. 

Be not quick to outcast a man or women and say ”I am perfect”  and make yourself better than others, but always remember the Grace of God’s Holy Spirit which visits you every day with greatest of hopes for your life.   

With love

” what is say?  ….will you read it to me JC? ”  ok wee bitty