Letter VII

Be strong and do not let any mistakes or your past keep you from succeeding. 

Do all things knowing God’s Holy Spirit is always watching. 

Everyone of us has a gift for life.  Every gift is perfect for the person who possesses it. 

The more we learn the greater capacity we have. 

Be wise in all things and do not let the falseness of men overwhelm you.  Depart from false men and people who lead you to them knowing their condemnation is greater. 

Repent for any sins you may have and encourage others to believe in God and in the grace of God.

With love

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Letter VI

Do no look upon the beauty and countenance of each other to decide how you will serve others or depend on looks for approval from others for looks can be deceiving and people can be cruel if one is not beautiful. 

Be kind to the less fortunate and always help the person who comes to you for help nomatter their looks.   

Make sure to pray from your heart, even if it is the rosary for God looks at the heart of the person who prays. 

Our feelings and emotions matter to God and so do our problems.  Make sure to always keep any problem you have in your prayerful heart until God’s Holy Spirit gives you a solution and takes away your sorrow.  

Honor God’s Holy Spirit above all things and above all men. 

Make sure not to anger men or make men to wrath.  Man is capable of great good and also great harm.  

Depart from violent men and people of violence and never forsake those who love you and always ask for guidance in prayer to God’s Holy Spirit.

Never fear those who pray in Jesus name and remember that Jesus, Moses and Mohammad et al. are the same soul.  The spirit of man. 

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one of purpose and one of mind in the Spirit of Man wherever he is born again. 

With love

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Letter V

What wisdom can I give you that is not already written inside your hearts and your minds.    

I pray wisdom and knowledge is awoken in you and so you may bear witness to the inheritance of your birth as an angel created in the image of God. 

It is written that the Spirit of God needs no flesh to think or even speak and so when we die we are the same and our souls become again like angels and we continue communicating with God.    

Therefore live lives worthy of your creation for you will again meet your creator God and you want always something good to report.  

By always living life in service to something greater than yourself, you will have many things to say when you meet God.   

What do you long for that takes a lifetime to finish and is never complete? 

If you can answer that you have what many people look for their entire lives and some take many years to find or discover their purpose.  

Having a good purpose in life, makes everything else seem much nicer.  

Beauty, poetry, music and literacy take on a whole new dimension when our lives are lived for a greater purpose and none is greater than helping each other live and strive on our earth.   

Sports, the Arts and Literacy are the cream of life. 

Literacy anyone can do and in Literacy reading and writing we can find great joy and discover the secrets to ourselves.   

Our age in the flesh may be 50 years but our souls are far older.  Each soul has a book in heaven for every life that soul has lived.  Each soul has its own library of accomplishments.

This should not surprise you, only forget about your past lives, live in the present and continue to build upon your knowledge.   

In education there are many majors and many different ways to learn how to help people and the institutions that help to manage and govern the affairs of people.   

We can not all be doctors or government workers,  but we can have the qualities of caring professionals and that is to help others.   The desire to help others is one the Spirit’s greatest qualities.

Helping someone build their house is an important Job and there is no labor under which we toil that God’s Holy Spirit does not take under consideration.  

Everything or anything you do, do it to a greater purpose and you will be happy in life.  

Today I am working from my offices in Mazatlan helping the good the People of Mexico like the world in many different ways.  It really does not matter where I am, but what matters is what I do wherever I go and what I do is to help the people of this world.  

Ask yourself this question, ”what can I do to help a friend or someone I care about?”   

After you find the answer do it, keep doing it and then don’t forget to care about yourself. 

Heard or read this before? Maybe the Spirit wrote in Women’s world using the hands of another person.  If so you will read it again.  

Take the steps that you need and work to fill the needs that you have inside you to become smarter or more successful or whatever your goal may be.   

To be happy, you must strive to become a better person.  Being a better you makes the world better and is guaranteed to make you happy.   But becoming a better person takes work, discipline, effort and most of all education.   Education is different for everyone. 

Personal development is a cycle and a need that we go through in every lifetime.  

Our souls are designed to get more intelligent with time and each life we live, we build upon our eternal natures.  

Every time we are born again, we are not always born to the same parents, but we are always born in the same family and that is the family of God. In every life we get more intelligent by learning in school, from each other or by life’s experiences.  

As parents take care of children, and children take care of parents, we always live out basic cycles and if your destiny is to finish out your life taking care of people, then you have succeeded. At the end of this cycle you will be naturally more intelligent.  

Not everyone finishes life the same, but everyone does finish each life smarter than when they started.  

No matter how learned, financially successful or intelligent, all people deserve to retire in peace and comfort no matter how money they made in life or how educated they became.  

Just work hard and pray and never worry if you do not have financial goals, like some other people. Getting rich is not for everyone, but good management of money is.   

Be happy with what you have and always keep learning about something. 

With love

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Letter III

As we progress through history there come moments when we are called by heaven to take notice. 

As we progress through history there come moments when the Judgment of God is called in and there is nothing that can be done.     

We must learn to create good educational systems for all people while hoping and praying always for the Holy Spirit to take effect in the changing of lives.  

” Let me see. whats it say?”




Letter II

What is it about the Spirit of Woman that draws us her so close to our hearts? 

Surely not by all the words that men write about her are we edified. 

 Then fewer of us are those who discover her as the perfection of life itself needed to balance out our understanding of the Holy Trinity and Our Holy Spirit who is a mother and a father to us. 

It is not difficult to imagine the Holy Spirit walking with us and among us through the Spirit of Man and the Spirit of woman.   But also through good men and good women around the world does the Holy Spirit make manifest the goodness of man and woman, husband and wife, friend and neighbor.  Through us can Holiness make manifest the works and the goodness of our Precious Tender Holy Spirit, and does.   Together around the world we channel the good spiritual and creative energy of our Holy Spirit and through all good things that exists, the Holy Spirit is made manifest. 

Blessed are those who pray and repent daily and who are patient to wait upon God’s deliverance every day. 

Letter I


Versailles June 28th 2018 Good morning

God’s world of education, science, museums and all things that are good for learning will continue far beyond the men who claim their glory.

In stating this I open you to the truth of the men and people who conspire against you.   

”Focus on our men,”  they seem to say so subtly.  ”Look at this one and look at that one.”

I must be honest that in their entire charade of men that they have to keep your minds off Christ and God’s Holy Spirit,  I cannot present them all back to you the way they do.  

I am caused to think a lot about the Judgment of God and respect for God.

The wicked mock God and the Judgment of God,  point to their crimes and say ”look at what we have done…where is your God?”  

These kinds of men are why we have the Judgement of God. 

God never stops trying to helps us.

Remember a thousand years is like a wink of the eye to God . In support for our cause I am reminded of our Holy Books and histories the many we have. 

However, they failed to stop Joseph Smiths Testament and the Muslims have another testament seperate from their book from Qur’an or Qumran.   The Qur’an is mostly drawn from the scrolls found in the caves that carry its name.

The Quran is basically the old testament. It was reformed monotheism that turned more father like and less Holy Spirit with time.  But God’s Holy Spirit was still there and is always there for right worship comes not from perfect words but from a perfect heart. 

Islam should distinguish their testament and call it by date as the Testament of the Prophet Mohammad another reincarnation of Jesus Christ because there were several before and many after.

God’s Holy Spirit is balanced, a trinity, and a mother and father to us all.

There are so many great records and books we have yet to write and memories to remember. 

There are many testaments of God that like a dream call us to read them.

Between the lines in many ancient scriptures are prayers and worship songs that call forth our Holy Spirit. 

 God is always trustworthy.

May God’s Holy Spirit help us with the wisdom to pray and to tell the truth.  

”Great is the love that lives inside us”

Versailles June 28th 2018 Jose Maria Chavira MS

I find rest in segments of film

We are mandated to treat God’s leaders with respect.  They are neither mason nor freemason. 

We must try to pray and to do our best to always look for the return God.  You will know its God by his judgment and through words of power that take affect.   

You will know God by the tenderness of the Holy Spirit who never leaves his side. 

We are mandated that during God’s judgment and before and after to treat each other with the utmost respect.   Being good and kind to each other is a good way of life.  This also keeps peace between nations. 

 As I go through my days work I find rest in very short segments of films whose whole parts I cannot reccomend.   

While watching this scene from the movie the last emperor I am caused to reflect.  In the beauty of  things that can be again.

While watching this scene from the movie the last emperor I am caused to reflect on the traditions around the world that look and hope for the return of Christ,  Christ the  prophet, Christ the master, Christ the savior, Christ the messiah and the reformer of faith and of all things;  Christ the Spirit of man who teaches us about right thinking and right living, to repent when we should and to ask God’s Holy Spirit for forgiveness.  This is right thinking. 

 Buddhist and Tibetan reincarnations traditions have been lost, skewed or are misinterpreted.  The best intentions by the monks to look for the return of one their Dali lamas or even in their emperors does not offend me.  This lacks wisdom. In men we find no rest, but in God we find great rest, God who takes our films and movies and reflects us back to ourselves and himself in each scene chosen to edify our spirits.  

 Buddhist and Tibetan reincarnations traditions are inherited and originally based on looking for the reincarnation of the Spirit of Man, Siddhartha Gautama ”The Christ” ”Zoroaster” ”The messiah”  it varies according to the culture and the tradition. 

Yet in this small piece of film today from the last Emperor God’s Holy Spirit reveals himself but for an eternal moment to tell us that some things that we do are not all wrong. 

In this small film clip from the last emperor in this very short segment of film,  I see a great desire in the nations to honor my precious tender Holy Spirit and by doing that you honor me and each other.   

While viewing this scene in the last emperor,  I am provoked to think that if I were charged to raise God as a child to maturity that what they do here in this short film clip is a pretty good Idea.

But you cannot shield the Christ child like the Father of Siddhartha Gautama tried.  The Christ child must know and Identify with the world and every good religion ever established on this earth by God’s precious tender Holy Spirit working through Man and Woman together with you. 

God is always a reformer. 

To see God when God is not there, look to the best aspect of your personal life.  Your goodness comes from God.  

You should see in yourselves the goodness of God and the aspect of goodness in your spirit.

Those of you who work and are active in ”right reform”  that God’s Holy Spirit. 

Right thinking, right reform, right action.  Anything less is not from God’s Holy Spirit who manifests right from wrong.     

May God’s Holy Spirit help us with the wisdom why not to watch the film ”the last emperor”  but to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the scene that has been chosen for our edification.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st nom de plume JC Angelcraft

”Great is the love that lives inside us”









The just are a people who repent and the sinner remains in sin

I weep for what I cannot change, but I hope always for the next life of a sinner that they might have another chance.  But tempt not the fates and say I will sin until I die and I will still be born again for such a spirit comes to nothing in the end.

Beneath the rubble of its own scorn and heavy weight lay the men and women of hate.   Trodden down by their own misdeeds to which no symphony plays and no applause awaits.

Beneath the pens and quills of men long past await the torrid secrets of today, of the men of scorn and hate who blaspheme God and trod down on men of history to whom they credit their heritage and assign their misdeeds as if these men’s hearts were as murderous as theirs.

They tempt to bring to ruin any beauty that might remain among the oaks and pines of words long past of men who walked a different path than they though share in common they might the deeds of their natures.

The mighty men of poetry are not always as they appear;  some are gentle others stormy but who still found room to breathe among the angels.  Yes the angels  who through their quills differently but with the same eloquence established us and who through swords made known to tyrants the way of the true and the good.

And perhaps here and their while reading unawares do we find ourselves liking the words and poems of men of less notoriety than those who wrote and fought with even greater skill against tyranny to establish our world and bring to rest the argument by writing that we all are created equal.

If not a man among them was left to still the air with words, thoughts and encouragement to help each other soldier on,  there are always the hallowed oaks who with the winds whisper their sonnets while the birds chirp their songs as the bear steals the honey and we become the channels of the sacred wind and voice of God.

What is a male bee? if not a drone a slave to its own existence  who findeth no joy in the flesh as men do but relishes in the labor of what they do finding their reward in the delight of their service and each day their Queen is renewed and pleased with them.

It is good that man is not born a slave, but that he should choose to be a drone is not by any mistake, but by the sins of their fathers and the sins of their father’s fathers to whom I guarantee there is an end to which I labor.

The words of slavery are not today for us to judge but such words inspire on the conspiracies of men who to their end attempt to destroy the beauty of their own world through a contempt for the truth one to which such liars waver every day changing sides to their convenience and never being true to themselves that in hope for power they might obtain through their falseness and hypocrisy.

There is no more beauty found in them

And their whiteness destroyed gone to Sheol and brought down by the tragic actions that every day discolor them till no more pigment or hew of color is found in them and we are left only with the memory of their paintings and statues a labor of their nakedness and endowment of their unrighteous nature.

Their angelic beauty has turned black like lucifer in whom no good thing was found and like him they are brought down to the pit and I the angel to take them there, the first-born and the first angel ever made.

I sit sadly and watch them perish till they are no more asking myself where have I failed?   What more could I have I done? Is not freedom the greatest of blessings?  If so then, it is the trap of fools who seek to destroy it with slavery. 

The path of hell is found in a conspirators heart and in the literacy of the damned where the words they write also condemn them.  It is a the poetry of blood and the romantic illusions of wrongful death that together with their crimes is the music by which they have garnered and earned their own destruction.

They are the source of all misery and hazard.

Thy cling on to our happiness because it brings them joy but for short time a joy to which they endeavor to destroy if they cannot possess it.

And of their peaceful and controversial words and poetry that by themselves have brought no harm, one cannot create a government or even a society who needs balance and harmony, and the authority and blessing of God from whom such words as those of unbalance could never come for they unrest man and confirm what is not healthy for man.

Of themselves  their words of peace and love cause men to think about their existence and the nature of man.

It is the errant man and the errant  woman who for their selfish needs create a world of words unfit for life and their government crumbles like a house of cards being built on the immoral nature of the societies who dare to tempt the fates of nature.

Words that lead men to think that nothing is wrong with the deeds of miscreants are words of sorrow.

Not that the tragedy of Shakespeare makes man a miscreant nor even the folly that men read into Twain but that men should recognize that from the shoulders of men greater than they, do they fall from grace for their imprudence.

The just are a people who repent and the sinner remains in sin-

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st nom de plume JC Angelcraft

”Let me see the paintings”


The melody of my heart

To know God one must go beyond their normal beliefs; to challenge themselves to think above and beyond all human tendencies.

God is Spirit. 

God is a Holy Spirit

Your souls were created by holiness through holiness and in holiness and what happened afterwards is written in human history and related by oral history.  

Your souls were created by holiness through holiness and in holiness to help you and not hurt you.     

When we lose our holiness, we rage against God and God’s Holy Spirit whom preserves us at times from all deserved madness and brings us to peace.

When we fail to fight for our holiness and  return to a personal purity with God, Holiness strives with us and hopes with us .  But when Holiness is thoroughly rejected, the common restraints of everyday life are lifted and thus we are led to sin against God and destroy whatever goodness that remains inside us.   

This is why we must try to know God beyond the ordinary assumptions. 

To know God one must go beyond their normal beliefs. 

God is every force that can be measured by science and can not be measured by science.

God is man, God is woman and in Spirit, God is one, unbreachable and unbreakable.

To know God one must go beyond their normal beliefs untill they say to themselves God is impossible to fully understand and deserving of our undivided attention.

To know God as woman, we must look to the Holy Spirit from whom springs forth all life, all knowledge and all wisdom.

Sofia is her name.

She is the love and timeless feeling in the poetry of angels. 

To know God as woman we must humble ourselves for God is everything, the Spirit of Man and the Spirit of Woman.

In the flesh or in the Spirit God is with us always helping us to break through the vexations of the workers of iniquity.

The melody of my heart is precious, tender and kind.  She is like a soft ocean breeze running through my home and the grace who many seek.

The melody of my heart has no name or no appearance that men should judge themselves to perdition for their evil intent.

It would well do the men of sin to seek her on their knees in all repentance and judge her not as they do me.

She is the melody of life and of love, the bringer of Spring and the essences of the Seasons who much long ago had no names and we still embraced them.

We have destroyed languages and even the written word, but the seasons and even the  word always return to us. 

Our ignorance would do well to remind us of the solitude of our existence.

We cannot know the nameless as we know the named, but if we defile the named than we bring to ruin the advocacy that once was so easy ours.

The angels sing towards space and she hears us and sings with us and through us ministering to our minds and hearts.

God is Spirit non gender mother and father, a Holy Spirit from whom all life comes, but She is not an ”it.”

From the mind of men precede all forms of wickedness but the angels still have good thoughts.

The works of men are evil, but the works of angels are good and made manifest to the Spirit who rewards all goodness.

She is the melody of my heart and we can never be separated and we wait for each other while administering to this world through the ages to our wives and husbands as to our sons and our daughters.  That would be you.  The children and angels of heaven. 

We serve a greater cause than our own desires as you should always serve a cause greater than yourselves. 

She serves us without ceasing and is always an intercessor to a greatness of Holiness few of us dare to imagine.  

She is the Queen of Heaven by whatever form she takes on this earth and my first love as God is also your first love.

She is the one who cries with us, for us and through us. 

She is the all tolerant, the all compassionate, the all merciful.

She is the all protective and the hope of mankind.    She is the mother of Christ and was once lived as the daughter of the King who raised her tenderly and lovingly to rule the world after he died.

She is the Spirit of women and the delicacy of women and the reason for their strength and even my own.   

She is the melody of my heart that Angel we do not see and who hides among us at times unperceived and we are privileged to know her generation after generation.    

What a fortunate gift that our Queen, the Queen of Heaven would present herself to the world as an actress.

Such were the needs of our times that even now we continue in film to send messages to the world about reform and the dangers of secret societies as well as about the romance of life and the struggles women face in the world.  

Through film she reached out to a weary world and we embraced her.

The many messages of every one of her films tell us that nothing is more important than the need for awareness, the need for change and the need for reform.

Nothing escapes the purposes of heaven.

One would be blind not to see the greater purpose of her life as Audrey a young woman of nobility and who through film she became our Queen once again and around the world  and we continued to esteem her as such.

JC Angelcraft 


” Let me see the paintings” ”ok” wee bitty

Per Benditvs Espiritvs Sanctvs